imageCrawling out of the artist block is difficult. And I never learned how to paint. I always wanted to paint but it seemed overwhelming. I took the challenge after a year of warming up at the Art Students League. I knew nothing.

At the League the painting classes are packed!  I had trouble finding an area that I could work in. The view of the model was bad. Fear and panic started to overcome me. I realized I didn’t have a clue about oil painting.  I hate looking stupid in art (my ego) and I hate being in an overcrowded class.

Could I fake it?  Do I scream out and have the instructor know I didn’t know how to begin. The mind can start racing and I needed to stop it. I took a deep breath and put the paint colors on my pallet calmly. I watched how others were mixing colors. I told myself that it’s not about me. Then I said let go and play. Be a beginner. By the time the instructor reached me I had created this portrait. The instructor liked it. He gave me a few tips and told me I did a good job and the painting was very creative.

Moral of this story is its okay not to know everything. Just be yourself and do what you like.

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