IMG_2703made plans to paint at Wave Hill by the Hudson today. Meeting an artist friend. I have been helping her get back to doing art after a long block. Then my mind took over and I got distracted!  I didn’t pay attention to the time again so I would be late!!!

What followed was flying by the seat of my pants panic. My mind said don’t go. I became convinced I wouldn’t be able to do plein air painting. So then I was in a tailspin getting there. When we met I was in such a hysterical state and hyperventilating. I couldn’t paint till I calmed down.

Why do I let distraction pull me down? Why is Twitter more important than getting to my art practice on time?  The Internet is a slimy beast ready to take me down. It says don’t miss out on the bull that the world thinks I should know.

5 years ago I threw out my tv. Internet may be next.

Anyway I did start a painting there!

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