I painted every day after I was laid off in 2009. I did so many paintings my apartment was overflowing!  I needed to get rid of some.

THE SCHOOL AUCTION!!  My son’s High School Bronx Science was requesting parents to donate items for a fundraiser. I told my son I would donate a few of my paintings. It would get them out into the world. I would see if anyone wanted them. It was a test.

I was anxious waiting to hear if any of them sold. The result came in and all of them sold.  Of course they didn’t sell for hundreds of dollars. But when you are trying to create art from a humble place you can’t get into thinking you are so wonderful and making big money will validate your work.

The most important part of this story is I let my work be seen. My work is on someone’s walls. I didn’t come home with those paintings.

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