cropped-image19.jpgSaturday morning free painting class at the Art Students League. It is not pretty. Unaware of mass chaos finding a spot to paint I was left with a spot so close to the platform where the model posed. I looked up and all I could see was her nose.

I don’t like crowds and there is a wild competitive feeling in the air. I’m sitting on the floor cramped and I’m losing that happy creative mindset I came in with.

I decided to play with the uninspiring view and called it a day. I had to get away from the savage artists of the League. They are selfish, self seeking, and inconsiderate. They will run you over to get the perfect spot.

I don’t understand why they are so into painting exactly like the instructor. The instructor’s ego encourages it. There is no appreciation of an artistic style. When the class does a show in the gallery it’s like looking at mini me of the instructor.

It was a challenge going there. I did as long as I could. I did it for my art. Then one day my anatomy instructor (he loved my drawings) whispered in my ear “IT’S TIME TO FLY “. Meaning get the hell out before you wither and die. I was good enough to stop being a student. I was a true artist.

You can’t be an art student forever. A lot of those artists never leave. They are waiting for the day they achieve perfection.  Forever fighting for the best spot.

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