245244my imagination was wildI did my first real gallery show in the lower east side with another artist. The other artist was a nice young man. I forget what his paintings looked like (that should be a red flag about his art unmemorable).

We were in the gallery talking and he very nicely said “your art is really nice. It’s behind the couch art”. Now I knew that an artist never wants to be told that. It is a put down in the art world. But I very nicely replied ” Yes more sales for me”.

Does art always have to have a political agenda?  Why is beautiful art put down?  Have you seen some of the art out there today?  What does that art mean (Banksy). Do people want pictures of monsters on their walls. I say that because I was in a show where the artist next to me painted purple and green monsters.

I won first prize last year at a juried show for a landscape that no agenda but to be beautiful.

My art say escape the world of insanity and get peaceful again.

P.S. That first ever gallery show was a disaster. I paid the owner $200 to show my work for a week and he never opened the gallery. He disappeared.  He called me hysterically crying about his problems.  I’m grateful I got my paintings back.

I learned not to pay to show my work anymore and be wary of Craig’s List.

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