A collaboration by Jean and Carla

Okay I am stuck. My art workshops have been pushed back again!!! It is difficult dealing with non profits. This is the life of the artist trying to develop a business.

I gave up on art being able to support me. But I now see it is me that is the problem. My usual MO is to get a idea going and then run away. Disappear. I now am going to fight my doubts and fears. I’m going to keep moving forward no matter what. I will not give up on my art and myself.

The wall needs to be broken down. It was broken down in Berlin why not in my head? Walls are just about making the mind be creative in solving a problem. Try another road I would like to sit and be in a pity pot. I would like to sit in the cave and hide from the world. But I did for 30 years and it is more painful to hide. I want to do things differently than I did before.

Even being able to keep up this blog is a challenge to my fearful mind. That’s why I called my business Fearless Creativity. At first it was for all the people who were afraid of being creative. Now it really is for me!!

I’m not giving up on myself anymore. I’m not going to tell myself lies and say it won’t work for me. It is so self centered to think I’m the only one who hits a wall. I’m not a loser. I’m not alone in this. Suck it up and learn to love challenges. The thinking has to change. I give up too easily.

So I am writing this post to all those artists who hit walls. Just keep going. It’s not about you it’s about your art. How important is your art? I know I have a gift and when people see my work they respond positively. Besides I do art because I must. It is the soul I was born with. It’s not to be famous but to be of service to others.

Today is the first day of dealing with the challenge! BE THE ARTIST I AM!!!

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