My 5 ft Portrait done at the Art Students League

I am not going to review this book as I have not read it yet. However, yesterday I listened to David Kelly’s TED Talk on Creative Confidence. Essentially he is saying that creativity is not just for artists but everyone. As children we are born with natural creative instincts. And somewhere along the line we are judged and that takes us down. When we give up creativity we lose a very important piece of ourselves. That piece is the ability to solve problems creatively. We say we can’t. David Kelly is helping those people and giving them the chance to expand their lives. 

My theory of coloring books being banned is not so far fetched. Coloring in the lines is not creative. Kids feel bad because they have trouble being in the lines. They are not following the rules of coloring books. 

Judging art is a waste of time. Only the person viewing it can say whether it appeals to them or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we judge we kill.

David Kelly says his clients are changed when they get creative. Their outlook on life is different and thy start to explore different ideas about their purpose in life. Major thinking!

Again I say my mission is to get everyone engaged in creativity. 



  1. Have you seen Ken Robinson’s TED talk on whether schools kill creativity? Very good (and very funny). In one of his talks he mentions a girl who is drawing avidly in class. The teacher asks, What are you drawing? God, says the little girl. No-one knows what God looks like, replies the teacher. They will soon, says the girl.

    Now that’s the sort of confidence in creativity we should be encouraging!


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