This post should have been done on Halloween but I didn’t think of it till I saw these photos. 

The curator of art shows at the Chelsea Room in the Chelsea Hotel likes my painterly style even though he promotes edgy art in his shows.  When I was still eager to do shows for one day only he asked me to put in a favorite painting for a show at the Chelsea Room.  The last time I was there I was the only woman artist and the “oldest ” one too!  

Well it was a big bash of all kinds of art.  I chose my favorite still life to show. 

I started to span the room looking at the art around me. An empty space was next to me and then a young woman with an entourage of young men carrying large canvases moved into the empty space. It was like a cloud of smoke spiraling with loud laughter and chaos and then it went still. The young woman sat down under her 2 large canvases like a queen entertaining all her young male attendants. And then the smoke cleared and her paintings were revealed.   The Frankenstein green monster and his fiancé appeared in all their glory!!  And a commotion of screeching voices of young women yelling ” we love monsters”!!!  For the rest of the night these paintings were a hit???

I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE LOVED THESE PAINTINGS.  My painting was passed over and I felt it looked old fashioned and didn’t fit in with this circus.   After this show I vowed to not do these pop up art shows that cater to young artists who want to be different.  It was the end of taking any show and moving into being selective. 



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