This question makes me want to scream!!  It probably seems like a perfectly innocent question. But when you look at what they are really asking is are you a good artist.  The criteria for good art is money.  How can an artist respond to that question comfortably. They are put in the spot of being judged based on sales. If they didn’t sell it leaves awkward silence.  So it really is nobody’s business if an artist sold.

The other side of that question is “Why do you price your paintings so high? You will never sell?”

They said I would never sell this

This is the merry go round of art.  I’ve been an artist when I did my first drawing on my parents furniture. I never stopped until the thought of supporting myself with art made me give it up.  I paint because I must.  But people are basing art on monetary success. Of course I want to sell.  I’m not giving away my work.  I have been successful in selling a good number of my landscape paintings.  I used to lower prices if the person bargained with me.  I did that out of desperation to sell.  In the beginning all my paintings were priced at $200.  I couldn’t break that ceiling. I was insecure.  I’m happy to say I no longer undervalue my work.  Here are some of my sold paintings priced prosperously.



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