I have not posted for a long time due to trying to reach out in my community. My mission as an artist is to help non creative people who are afraid to try art see the benefits of it in their lives. Not an easy task. 

The sad thing is so many people have built walls that get bigger and bigger as time goes on.  The American Dream has been the goal for being successful.  The American Dream of owning a house, a car, having a job, getting married, having children and grandchildren then the future being a comfortable retirement has been the rules of life.   How does creativity fit in?   If I’m chasing the American Dream it doesn’t.  The American Dream makes creativity unimportant.  

My life was about art. The only thing I wanted to do was be curious and explore what life offers. I’m happy and I know who I am. Creativity is my purpose. I never felt a part of the American Dream.  I tried to fit in and gave up art for 30 years. I lived a depressed sad dark life.  I ended up losing everything and eventually being homeless.   

The world is broken. The American Dream is dead.  The truth is it was a lie.  People are fearful and angry. Jobs are underpaid.  What do people turn to?  Shopping for things they don’t need. Racking up credit card debt. 

So my point is an artist has a purpose to not just sell art but to help people see that art is important. Art is not about the insanity of Art Basel and being famous.  People are afraid of art because it is represented in the media as a crazy world only for the rich. 

Artists you are responsible to come out of your artistic caves. Let your communities see you as human. Let people know art is important and necessary to conquer the fear in their lives.   

GIVE!  I’m using iPad painting classes to help people begin a journey of creativity.  Below are some of my fearless creators. 


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