Yesterday I was told no one registered for my iPad painting workshop in January at the Riverdale Senior Center .  The National Association of Women Artists are moving and cannot start my workshop till March.  No word about my proposal for iPad art classes at the Blue Door Gallery. 

It’s bleak.  I’m afraid of never creating a successful business with a vision that will serve people.  Yesterday I was thinking that maybe my vision won’t work and I should let it go. Look for a job I thought forget art you have failed and you need money to survive.  My old belief returned “I can’t support myself in my art”.  HELP

But my gut keeps saying don’t give up!!  PERSERVERANCE IS KEY!  I always give up. I run when the going gets tough. 

I really have not pursued other organizations. My perception is my idea is no good. That is not the truth. I have gotten acceptance from the directors of the organizations. It’s being able to promote it to the people. Maybe seniors are not it. I see that they won’t try new things. They are really set in their ways. They are missing out on something that will be a wonderful experience. But I can’t reach stubborn minds. I must reach younger audiences.  The answer is go somewhere else. 




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