My last post about “real art” makes me understand how the lack of art experience in the lives of so many people is creating a world of mediocrity and taste based on branding.  You see it all the time in fashion.  People spend big money for labels. A young woman today will spend her whole paycheck on a Louis Vuitton bag.  Designers don’t create beautiful clothing anymore.  Plain fashion with their logo or name overpowering the clothing so the wearer makes sure you know she spent a lot of money on this.  People are so invested in names they have no sense of self.   And they are giving the designer free advertising. 

People want other people to think they their lives are important and they want to be like the celebrities they admire in magazines.  Meanwhile credit card debt increases and society becomes a victim of consumerism.  People chase things.  They use people and love things. 

I still think art and creativity is the antidote to the consumerism mentality today.   I feel like an opera singer at a rock concert.  I’m singing an aria and the electric guitars are drowning out the message.   




3 thoughts on “ON A LIGHTER NOTE 

  1. I think a real artist – doesn’t care what other people think. They create, because they must. Just like coughing.
    Some people find value in what they cough up – some people don’t.
    But, can a real artist be concerned with what they cough up – and what people think?
    They’re too busy coughing…


      • If you look at where it all began, for all of those with creativity, you’ll see a slight change as to how we’re regarded. But, not enough. At least we get paid now.


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