1968 pen and ink

Pen and marker drawing 1969



Life Drawing 2005


1969 charcoal drawing done at the Art Students League


Watercolor sketch 2000

1970 fashion art

Pen & wash 1970


Charcoal sketch 2004

1968 fashion doodle

Marker & Pencil 1966

They say a good artist begins with learning drawing skills.  I mastered my drawing skills beginning with drawing on the furniture at 3.  Most of my artwork was drawing people when I began. I wanted to be a fashion illustrator when I was in high school.


Colored Markers 1970




  1. I saw a couple of your drawings dated, 1969. I have a few drawings posted on my blog from that year…so you’ve been doing this as long as I have? Only I took a very long detour about 3 years later. Though I was making pottery, and writing novels, stories and poem in that interval, I didn’t return to visual art, which has always been my first love… the one thing I wanted to do more than anything in this life… until July of 2012. Don’t ask why. It’s complicated. But I haven’t stopped since. The numbers you see on the pieces on my blog, begin with that 2012 date.
    You do capture Van Gogh’s color palette: the low chroma yellows, blues, greens and orange. One of my housemates, on seeing #413 when I finished it, said it reminded him of Van Gogh’s Starry night. This puzzled me, cause it ain’t nothin like that painting.. .then I thought about Van Gogh’s palette… the blue-greens, violets, and yellow… though he didn’t much use pure chroma yellow–more into ochre’s, earthy yellows. I too, loved Van Gogh from my childhood, but have never thought to emulate his work… except, in my own fascination with color.
    Thank you for following Jacob Russells Magic Names. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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