I have been on a journey in the last year plus creating a business that promotes art for arts sake. I am a 64 year old woman artist who came out of the cave in 2009 when I was laid off of a 20 year job as a legal secretary.  I didn’t know that this was the start of being reborn. 
I was a slave to the belief that art would never support me.  I was 50 years old when I finally broke my 30 year artist block and came back to joy of who I truly am.   I have not gone back to the security of a corporate job since. 
THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK!!   Especially with ADHD and learning disabilities.  However, I finally became the artist I was meant to be.   I didn’t think twice as I took the actions to be showing my work.   There were many times I was the only woman and the oldest artist in a group show.  But I knew I was a good artist. I never compared myself to others and was able to engage all the artists as comrades.  

For the first time I stopped trying to be better than others.  I am an artist among artists.  So I can be connected with people whatever age they are.  I feel I can be any age in my mind.  I have the joy of living. 

So my business is about engaging people to be creative.  I’m teaching iPad painting classes around the Hudson Valley in New York.  I got my first iPad in 2011 for my 60th birthday.   I found art apps and my world of creativity exploded. I have become a more prolific artist with this technology. 

I’m the Pied Piper of iPad art and I’m finally being heard.  I was co-curator at an exhibition on digital art with a focus on iPad painting.  I’m teaching workshops at gallery.  The Riverdale Press gave a good review of the show.  The community is aware of my name.  

Here is my mission statement for Fearless Creativity Art for Arts Sake:

“FEARLESS CREATIVITY is about art is important for everyone. Creativity is not just for the talented.  The mission of Fearless Creativity is to engage people who believe they are not creative by participating in non-judgmental art classes using traditional art mediums and technology with iPads and smartphones.  In doing art for fun and expression they will experience a psychic change in how they are in the world.  Today’s world is a fearful place.  More than ever people experience worry and depression.  The result is high levels of cortisol consistently destroying health.  Art soothes the mind and helps us solve problems creatively.  It reduces stress and lowers cortisol so are health improves.  Our lives expand, love increases and we have hope. “


Created by Jean Messner on iPad using ArtRage app


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