The last few weeks have challenged who I am and where am I going as an artist and blogger. It was not pretty but definitely enlightening to say the least!

Crashing and burning is a sign for me something needs to change.  That thing is usually ME.  

I was trying to learn how to be a successful blogger and business owner.  After listening and researching hundreds of podcasts and listening to an overload of coaches who had different versions of the basic idea (you need them to get it) I found myself concluding that I am a definite loser at the game. 

This morning was the culmination of my life as an artist blogger business owner. . . “I’m a recovering starving artist!!

 I froze and lost all belief in my vision and gave up on everything that I have done successfully.  

So Fearless Artist Blog is really about getting my courage back.  Acknowledge my imperfections of learning disabilities and ADHD but not let them take me down.  

I will keep challenging and celebrating ME.   Face the world and speak my truth.  Define my success of perserverance and let my voice about art is for everyone ring out.  



I like to post art I have done and then the photos behind it.  I call it the art of inspiration.  Jimi Hendrix was part of my hippie days and I got to see him at the Filmore East during the sixties.  Yikes.  I found this photo on the internet and below is the watercolor drawing I did of him as a doodle (I always was prolific and would draw on scrapes of paper.  I’m grateful that my mother saved my drawings.
01789b7c754c5f52b57544d3c732fb0dJimi Hendrix 1969


Yes it has been an adventure the last few weeks and after a year and a half of building a creative business in iPad painting workshops in the New York area things began to pop.

I was asked to be co-curator for a digital art show at the Blue Door Gallery in Yonkers, NY that opened in February and closed March 5th.  The show opened up a lot of interest in iPad painting.  It was a first digital art show in the New York area.  After I gave a number of workshops at Blue Door that got excited about it and decided this was an important art movement.   The show was reviewed by The Riverdale Press with a front page story on the Events section.

Riverdale Press Link:,59190?content_source=&category_id=160&search_filter=&event_mode=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=&sub_type=&town_id=


DIGITAL WORKSHOPS THIS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th Join our Featured Artist, and Co-Curator of Future/Canvas, Jean Messner, as she leads participants through a workshop teaching them how to create artwork through the use Tablets and Smartphones.