The Hudson River is alive with art.  I attended the opening reception of The Glyndor Gallery show Nature Pops. 
“A half-century after the emergence of Pop art as a revolutionary response to new norms of consumerism, Nature Pops!, Wave Hill’s summer 2016 exhibition, brings together work by artists who calibrate this movement in contemporary terms. Continuing to re-evaluate popular culture, particularly the increasing mediation of our experience by technology, artists question whether we can still have an authentic experience―even in the natural world. Interpreting nature and the environment through a populist lens, Nature Pops! includes recent work that is especially relevant in an age of digital overload and environmental crisis. Presenting the show at Wave Hill, a stunning garden and cultural center located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, adds particular depth and dimension to the discussion.

Nature Pops! affirms the fascination that the aesthetics of pop culture—the culture of everyday—still has for artists, but offers nuanced perspectives, sometimes subversive, sometimes playful. Cartoons and comics were accessible media that Pop artists elevated to fine-art status in the 1960s and ’70s. ”

There is a tremendous amount of talent in the Bronx and the Hudson Valley.  If you have not been to Wave Hill you are missing a world of nature and art.   It is a hidden gem in the Bronx.  My friend, Jamie Passevento, a fellow artist friend and I attended the opening of the above exhibition.  It was exciting and colorful.  It was a fun show expressing nature in the form of the Pop Art movement.  Here’s the art and artists who participated in the show. 

EMILIO PEREZ – his unique prints inspired by outer space. 

 KIRA NAM GREENE – amazing paintings in watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils.  Kira weaves incredible patterns with food in Pop Art tradition ala Warhol. 

AMY PRYOR – Amy uses collage, sculpture and painting to explore commerce and culture. 

JOANNE CARSON – extremely colorful paintings of flora and landscapes. 


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