imageIt happens often.  I bolt up in bed look at my phone and it’s only 3:00am!  Isn’t 3:00am when the spirit world is up doing their thing?

Arghh, I’m up for the count. But I’ve gotten used to it. In fact I love the dark quietness that surrounds me. It is a sacred time.  The Twilight Zone episode where you are the only person left on earth.  I’m in a special world with my God.  Together we create future dreams.  My mind can travel anywhere.   The world of censorship is still sleeping!!!  I journey in my journaling.   Page after page of writing whatever comes out of my sleepy mind.  

image.gif3:00am is Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  It’s time traveling to the 1960s.  

I conjure up the time I studied dance with ALVIN AILEY at the YMCA on Broadway and 51st Street, 8th Avenue.  I was fifteen and wanted to dance desperately.   I went and persevered amongst the other professional adults because I was fearless  I WANTED TO DANCE!  Mr. Ailey was a dark giant of a man.  You could feel his talent was brewing in those classes he taught before the big time hit.   The class was always packed.  Mr. Ailey shouting out movements and then the thundering sound of the drum banging out the moves as we each danced across the floor with quick looks to see if Mr. Ailey approved.  LOOK AT ME MR. AILEY.  CAN I BE A DANCER??  AM I GOOD??   I didn’t care, I did my best dodging the long legs of dancers who plowed through me because they were in the dance zone and didn’t know I was there.   I love the way my body felt moving and through dance I made body connection in my figure drawing.  Dance was another artistic expression for me.

4:00am – I’m back from the sweaty dance studio and sitting in my peaceful apartment in Riverdale, NY.  

NOTE TO SELF:  a chapter of my life story;  Dancing in Alvin Ailey’s Dance Class.

I experienced a future genius celebrity!

3:00am is special!



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