It was a cold January when I trekked to the Yonkers Apple Store on a mission to check out their iPad art workshop and promote myself as an iPad artist to Apple .  The mission fizzled because Apple has gatekeepers.  They gave me the generic email to contact.  There was an interesting group of women who were there for Apple workshop.  Unfortunately the Apple instructor was busy promoting an expensive stylus and less time doing art.  So I really ended up explaining how to do the art because no one understood the instructor. 

But I ended up making a new artist friend, Aleix Merritt.  She had been written up in Art in America a few years ago as an iPad artist.  Her work is really incredible and we connected as artists doing iPad art.  Check out her work http://www.alixmerrittartnow.  Here are a few.

But I had no idea that she had a very special son, Stephin Merritt.   A famous indy songwriter and singer.  Well I am clueless when it comes to music.  And my ex-husband always said I have obscure taste in music.  Hell I fell asleep during a BB King concert he took me to.  It was 11:00pm and dark.  My body said time to sleep.  And we were in the second row!

But I want to share my experience at Stephin’s concert last night at Brooklyn Academy of Music.  His concert was the story of his 50 years of life in 50 songs. Last night it was the first 25 years singing about life growing up with his mom. What a life it was!!   Mom was not so traditional!  Anyway I identified with his inner artist. 

So a talented mom gave birth to a talented son. The journey still continues.