I used to love dolls as a child in the 1950’s/60’s.  Of course I had 6 or 7 Barbie dolls.  But there was one doll my mother gave me that she would not let me play with.  That doll sat in the box and she kept it squirreled away in her bedroom closet.   This doll was a Madame Alexander collectible called Cissy.  The doll would be taken out once a month to look at.   Another strange thing is the doll never had any doll clothes.  Nothing.   This is weird because the doll only wore underwear.  It was fancy but not fun to look at all the time. 

After I moved out of my mother’s home I forgot about my Cissy doll I couldn’t play with. I was 17 and over dolls.  Mom kept her forever after in the box like the strange doll she always was.  Here is what my so-called Cissy doll looked like. 

Cissy is worth a lot of money today.  But I forgot about her because my mom kept her hidden in her closet till the day she finally ended up in a nursing home.   I think she was a creepy doll.   Why did my mother give me a doll I couldn’t have???   You figure. 

So in the 1920’s there was a trend of grown women collecting interesting and strange dolls. Some were called boudoir dolls because they sat on beds.  I found a lot of strange doll photos from the era.   Boy a lot of weird things going on in that era.  Take a look. 

But this phenomenon had a sinister male here and there. ..  YIKES 


Keith Haring began his art career at my subway stop on 96th Street and Lexington Avenue number 6 train.   

I remember the first baby drawing on black unused ad space.  A few stations away another.  I knew something was happening. BUT WHAT??

Weeks passed more babies with more levels of complexity.  More creatures too.  I kept watching a growing art phenomenon in the subway.  This was late ’70s early ’80s.   I feel so lucky to have been witness to the emergence of an artist who was really exploring the canvases of the city.   History before my eyes. 


I search for wonderful images of the past that inspire my creative soul. Here are a few: