cropped-cropped-image130.jpgI’m afraid of loneliness. I’m always looking for people to play with. I’m new in Riverdale and I’m trying to meet people. But it is not good for my art.

And the fact is there are a lot of toxic people who will take you down. They are negative and will not support you. Toxic people destroy your energy and can lead to an artist block. It’s doing it to me now. My artistic motivation is really low.

People pleasing will kill my art. I can’t let people do this. This is taking me away from my mission. I’ve been brain dead for weeks. I’ve lost myself.

I’m telling on myself and making a commitment to take care of myself from now on. The vampires will not get me.  I need to be the artist I have become. Stay in my mission and do my work.

Being needy is not who I want to be. It’s an old defect to distract me. The world is crazy and I need to protect myself. I’ve got to get back to painting today. Let go and let God. God is my companion. I will not let these insecure feelings take my to another artist block.