A painting I am working on in my escape into landscapes theme. 

The original acrylic on canvas

    The iPad experiments


Our God and God of our ancestors, we ask Your blessings upon our country, and upon the leaders of our nation and of our communities. 

Inspire all who lead and serve to conduct their affairs honorably. May peace and security, happiness and prosperity, right and freedom abide among us. 

Unite the inhabitants of our country, of all backgrounds and creeds so that we may banish hatred and bigotry, safeguard our noblest ideals, and pressure those institutions which nurture liberty. 

May this land under Your Providence be an influence for good throughout the world, helping to unite all peoples in peace and freedom, and bringing closer to fulfillment the visions of Your prophets:

“Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. “

“For the work of righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness calm and confidence forever. “


Louis Ginsberg (adapted)


My emergence into art. 

1954 –  I’m 3 years old – lying in bed 

Fever rising pencil in my hand staring at the blank white night table 

In a semiconscious slo-mo movement of hand/pencil reaching to the target night table 

My hazy inspired moment- A SCRIBBLE!!  WOW!!

More visions follow – circles, flowers, suns, moons and stars

People- cats and dogs 

Each stroke is more and more exciting 

101 fever –  oh look the night table is growing bigger more to do…YES

My world created…so special…so mine 

I have discovered my life long friend the pencil but need new white dresser

Eyes heavy now must sleep 

Next morning on the dresser covered in my imagination there’s paper and crayons 

Thanks mom!!!


The first painting of the year is a prediction of where I am going.  After a break from painting this is what appeared.  

It was done in acrylic.  18″ x 14″


I have always been in wonder of the world around me.  I have never lost my child like awe.  Imagination is key to creativity.   When that is gone I will be lost.  2017 is my emergence into living a Willie Wonka life.  Want to change the world….do it!   Open your eyes and see the amazing things around you.  Laughing, running towards pure imagination.        LETS GO AND PLAY. 

Always ask questions. WHY?


It was a cold January when I trekked to the Yonkers Apple Store on a mission to check out their iPad art workshop and promote myself as an iPad artist to Apple .  The mission fizzled because Apple has gatekeepers.  They gave me the generic email to contact.  There was an interesting group of women who were there for Apple workshop.  Unfortunately the Apple instructor was busy promoting an expensive stylus and less time doing art.  So I really ended up explaining how to do the art because no one understood the instructor. 

But I ended up making a new artist friend, Aleix Merritt.  She had been written up in Art in America a few years ago as an iPad artist.  Her work is really incredible and we connected as artists doing iPad art.  Check out her work http://www.alixmerrittartnow.  Here are a few.

But I had no idea that she had a very special son, Stephin Merritt.   A famous indy songwriter and singer.  Well I am clueless when it comes to music.  And my ex-husband always said I have obscure taste in music.  Hell I fell asleep during a BB King concert he took me to.  It was 11:00pm and dark.  My body said time to sleep.  And we were in the second row!

But I want to share my experience at Stephin’s concert last night at Brooklyn Academy of Music.  His concert was the story of his 50 years of life in 50 songs. Last night it was the first 25 years singing about life growing up with his mom. What a life it was!!   Mom was not so traditional!  Anyway I identified with his inner artist. 

So a talented mom gave birth to a talented son. The journey still continues. 



I woke up this morning and I realized that all my life when I see the word THANKSGIVING my mind conjures up visions of a big turkey tons of food.  Being tortured by my drunk uncle making jokes about me being chubby.  Never felt like I belonged in this family.  I believe an alien species delivered me to them.  Sort of a strange version of the birth of Christ.   Not that I am the daughter of God.  

My whole life was spent trying to sleep through holidays but especially this day.  It’s not the turkey saying Gobble Gobble it was me doing the Gobble to avoid being uncomfortable around people.   The morning after I experienced a food hangover and was resigned to wearing elastic waistbands for a week.   Of course with that comes LOW SELF ESTEEM. That usually lasts longer running to the gym daily doing 2 hour workouts.  

STOP!!! I want today to be different.  I am renaming today GRATITUDE GIVING DAY!!

Today is the day I will be grateful for everything about the truth of this celebration.   And then I started to research the story of the humble Pilgrims engaging happily with Native Indians.  As one 5th grader said they were “Besties”.  Not true kids.  Here’s the lowdown. My history books lied.  

These foreign intruders moved into Plymouth and took over. They would go through Indian homes taking whatever they wanted and left some beads in exchange. They dug up Indian burial sites.  When they found bowls, trinkets, trays that were buried with the bodies it was up for grabs to them. The friendly Pilgrims removed all the beautiful objects for their own.  They left the upturned burial site with exposed dead Indian bodies destroyed.  NICE!!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOLKS???

Alright I don’t want to dredge up bad memories.   America has been playing the THANKSGIVING GAME too long for me to bring up truth.  I want to celebrate the country with my friends here today and thank them for being my friends.