In the past few weeks my painting has morphed into an abstract landscape that is a new style from my impressionist one. 

The truth is that in the last 4 months I’ve been withdrawing from a very powerful antidepressant after being on it for 16 years.  Last year I realized how it was making me worse and I am not depressed anymore.  So powerful is this drug that my brain has zapping which feels like electrical shocks are piercing the cells. I’m dizzy, have brain fog and my legs cramped so badly I couldn’t walk for 3 weeks.  But now the real me is emerging.  I can finally feel myself coming out. 

So I actually did this painting in withdrawal. And I also did the previous painting in withdrawal.  And the experience was a struggle to focus my vision (blurred vision was a part of withdrawal).  But here it is.  I believe the real me is finally emerging. 

                           STAGE ONE 


                                                 STAGE TWO



After a month of chronic arthritis in my leg and not being able to walk I was debating if I could ever think positively again.  Forget being creative.  Of course my ADHD brain went into “I’m a failure “.  


Then Friday I received a comment from one of my incredible blogger followers Mitch Teemley of The Power of Story saying he nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award!  

Check out Mitch Teemley’s blog.

Amazing because a year ago I didn’t have any idea how to do a blog.  I just lost my art website because I couldn’t afford the monthly fees and it was old and needed sprucing up.  I wanted to try doing a new one with WordPress but ended up with a blog for some unknown reason.  Go figure.  So I decided to play with it and tell my story of how I came out of a 30 year artist block where I stopped doing any form of creative work until I turned 50. 

The rest is history.  I spent my school years with untreated ADHD and learning disabilities so I never understood what grammar was.  I was confused by prepositions and what the heck is a verb anyway.  I never went to college because I couldn’t take tests.  I was successful in art in High School but was afraid to pursue it.  The rest of my life was trying to make money as an ineffective secretary.  Hiding from the world and living a life unlived.  

In 2002 at the age of 50 I finally was diagnosed and treated for ADHD.  I returned to becoming the artist I was meant to be.  I am blessed to have been successful by taking risks to bring out my art.  I began selling paintings.  Doing many shows in NYC from 2010.  I lost the secretary job in 2009 and burned all my office suits that made me look like Hillary Clinton.  

Since then I have created a business “Fearless Creativity Art for Arts Sake”.  I engage people who think they have no talent that they do.  Art will save people from worry.  It saved me during my childhood trauma. 

And all this is a result of my spiritual practice. My faith is stronger then any adversary. I trust God and help others.


  1. Just have FUN.  Authenticity to share my life story of becoming the artist I was meant to be was the motivation. 
  2. Don’t try to be famous.  It was not important that the Internet world would discover my talented writing.  
  3. Forgive yourself if you fall off the writing cliff.  I would miss weeks of posting and thought I could never start again.  But I forgave my inconsistency and found that my followers didn’t judge me. 



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    My emergence into art. 

    1954 –  I’m 3 years old – lying in bed 

    Fever rising pencil in my hand staring at the blank white night table 

    In a semiconscious slo-mo movement of hand/pencil reaching to the target night table 

    My hazy inspired moment- A SCRIBBLE!!  WOW!!

    More visions follow – circles, flowers, suns, moons and stars

    People- cats and dogs 

    Each stroke is more and more exciting 

    101 fever –  oh look the night table is growing bigger more to do…YES

    My world created…so special…so mine 

    I have discovered my life long friend the pencil but need new white dresser

    Eyes heavy now must sleep 

    Next morning on the dresser covered in my imagination there’s paper and crayons 

    Thanks mom!!!


    The first painting of the year is a prediction of where I am going.  After a break from painting this is what appeared.  

    It was done in acrylic.  18″ x 14″


    I have always been in wonder of the world around me.  I have never lost my child like awe.  Imagination is key to creativity.   When that is gone I will be lost.  2017 is my emergence into living a Willie Wonka life.  Want to change the world….do it!   Open your eyes and see the amazing things around you.  Laughing, running towards pure imagination.        LETS GO AND PLAY. 

    Always ask questions. WHY?


    It was a cold January when I trekked to the Yonkers Apple Store on a mission to check out their iPad art workshop and promote myself as an iPad artist to Apple .  The mission fizzled because Apple has gatekeepers.  They gave me the generic email to contact.  There was an interesting group of women who were there for Apple workshop.  Unfortunately the Apple instructor was busy promoting an expensive stylus and less time doing art.  So I really ended up explaining how to do the art because no one understood the instructor. 

    But I ended up making a new artist friend, Aleix Merritt.  She had been written up in Art in America a few years ago as an iPad artist.  Her work is really incredible and we connected as artists doing iPad art.  Check out her work http://www.alixmerrittartnow.  Here are a few.

    But I had no idea that she had a very special son, Stephin Merritt.   A famous indy songwriter and singer.  Well I am clueless when it comes to music.  And my ex-husband always said I have obscure taste in music.  Hell I fell asleep during a BB King concert he took me to.  It was 11:00pm and dark.  My body said time to sleep.  And we were in the second row!

    But I want to share my experience at Stephin’s concert last night at Brooklyn Academy of Music.  His concert was the story of his 50 years of life in 50 songs. Last night it was the first 25 years singing about life growing up with his mom. What a life it was!!   Mom was not so traditional!  Anyway I identified with his inner artist. 

    So a talented mom gave birth to a talented son. The journey still continues. 



    I have to reinforce this.  To myself and others.  I have a special talent and skill and it needs to be compensated for.  A lot of non profit organizations try to get me to volunteer my services.   When they ask me to create a flyer for them they don’t realize the work that is involved.  Actually, I never realized how much work I have been doing for free thinking it’s not a big deal.  Well recently I did a lot of free creative work for my congregation.   I was never thanked for the service I did.  Nor was the congregation aware of my creative contributions.   A member finally monetized my work.   I have given my time away for free.  I made my talent and skill not important. So I have given into the belief that art is not that important.  I spent almost 4 plus hours creating and designing advertising that will bring in business.  I give a professional product that will attract attention. 

    And I have not been given credit or appreciation from these organizations.  So I am posting the flyers that I gave away for free.  And from now on I will be paid either with money or a service or membership payment.   

    Here are some of my promotional projects.