Artists Who Worry About Audience Approval Will Never Be Successful

To thine own self be true! Hallowed words.

Am I chasing validation or am I truly creating?

Am I pleasing you or am I pleasing my inner soul…my creative vision?

“Do you like it?” A phrase I must never utter or think. I will never be free to create living in that mindset.

My newest paintings are abstract. Not what I usually paint. The comments can be harsh. “What does that mean?” “I like your other work better “.

But I can’t worry about what others think. After all I am an artist!


I have been blessed to live in a very special area of the Bronx.  It’s two years of an amazing community that grows around me every day.  I lost my home in 2014 and lost my job. I was broke with no idea how I would find an apartment in NYC.  But here I am living in a fairy land Riverdale.  An artist dream on the Hudson River.   
I am exploring Riverdale history.  I found a pond called Indian Pond on Indian Road. Filled with large turtles.  The history of this pond is in the 19th century it actually was an Indian Settlement granted to them by the government.  The Indian group used to perform shows on the pond for the people who had homes there.  A big crowd would attend and watch as Hiawatha was performed.  Other acting groups would perform shows as well.  The Indian Settlement was moved further up North in the early 20th century.  No surprise there. 

Here’s Indian Pond today. 


I have spent two years traveling the “road less traveled “.  There’s a reason why the road is less traveled. I went from an unemployed homeless artist to a life beyond my wildest dreams.  HOW??   

I had a belief that God would carry me to where I would be of service.  Where my talents would be acknowledged. My purpose was to be whatever change I could be in this crazy world.  And I landed in RIVERDALE. THE BRONX!

I wandered the Hudson Valley and created my business “FEARLESS CREATIVITY Art for Arts Sake”.  

I have made a name for myself as an artist.  I’m 65 years old and feel that I can conquer the world. 

I developed a painting class at the Riverdale Senior Center in February.  Last month it was going to be canceled for lack of attendance.  But suddenly the center loves my inspirational teaching and the work from students. 

And Friday I was given a one year contract to continue my mission of everyone can be an artist. 



Isabel is from Brazil. She can’t speak English and I don’t speak Brazilian!   We nod our heads and gesture wildly and in three months she is sensational painter. 


People think art is not for them.  It is only for talented artists.  Art is mysterious.  It’s messy and too much trouble. The bottom line is art has become a unnecessary part of life.  And we have separated people into creatives and non-creatives. 

I’m determined to address this myth and encourage people to engage in art as a way to create a balanced mind. It can be visual art, music, dancing, singing or writing.  Creativity and imagination can improve the quality of life.  

Stop listening to the news and start doing ART!!!

I have created a very inspirational painting class in the Bronx. 


I created a painting class for the Riverdale Senior Center. I’m making them unblock the way they think of painting. This is not your ordinary art class!